You might ask yourself: “Should I be marketing to increase sales or branding?”
Creating great content shouldn’t need to be based on sales. Many of you would be nodding your head, others, shaking your head in disbelief.
Contrary to popular belief, communicating your values, your tangible relationships and the methods in which you go about your work is more important than the 20% Off sale – for the long run.
It’s ultimately the difference between building a brand or just building your next sale. Brands live to sell for decades, whereas always chasing the next sale is only as good as the next sale. One is long term gains, one is short term.
Of course, there should be balance. A company with an established and reputable brand should promote their seasonal offers and discounts. A business that is in growth phase should absolutely offer the market a compelling reason to purchase for a first-time, encouraging a lifelong customer journey.
What’s important though, is that you are building a brand as a whole. An organisation that stands for something, one with an identity. This is of upmost importance, and is important to consider, because no matter where you sit at the table in your organisation, we as humans in business typically share one common trait – the desire for more. This desire can get in the way of having a clear mind when it comes to marketing objectives.
Let me clarify the building of a brand in another way – no one wants to get on a train unless they’re convinced it’s going somewhere. One is convinced in many ways, but is not usually convinced just by the pitch of a cheap ticket to get somewhere.