You heard it here first – business success doesn’t have to be all about the sales and KPIs. In fact, success can be made up of whatever array of stats really capture both your sales as well as your impact on the consumer landscape. To measure in this way, we can look at metrics like effectiveness of branding, company culture and staff satisfaction, or even the way that people associate and view and interact with your brand because of its visual identity. The latter is arguably one of the most important. Here’s a few reasons why graphic design is imperative to business success…

Telling Your Story

First and foremost, it is crucial to establish to your customer who you are, who should pay attention to what you’re selling or doing, and why they should care. Consistent design helps tell this story and share the essence of your brand. Great design means a customer doesn’t necessarily have to read all of your copy or trawl your internet presence to understand you – they just will.


First impressions matter, especially good ones. The first time a customer meets your brand might be via an Instagram ad, a flyer, an email or a website – any asset that exists will always be a potential gateway for a new customer to your business. This is why it’s so important to maintain consistent and effective design across all of your collateral, all of the time.

Effective Communication

Think of the last time you saw an infographic that really made you stop and think. Yes, the written content may have been fantastic, but have you thought about why you noticed this piece in the first place? The chances are that it was some great design work that caught your eye. The moral of the story here is that if you can effectively capture the attention of the right audience visually, you can share any story with your customer.

Your ‘Onlyness’
If you’ve ever done any form of life coaching, you might recognise the term ‘onlyness’. Your onlyness speaks to your uniqueness, the stuff that makes you, you. Think of how many businesses there are in the world, then think about how they present themselves visually. How can you utilise great design to stand out from oversaturated markets and the heavily populated online space? Utilise your onlyness in your creative, that’s how.


Visibility and Credibility

Every team dreams of high conversions, but how can great design help you achieve this? With a considered visual identity you are firstly able to communicate with and capture the attention of the most appropriate audience. With an effectively targeted visual identity comes increased visibility, enhanced credibility and in turn, leads to a greater opportunity to succeed.