Our Top 5 Tools & Apps for Businesses in 2022

When it comes to digital marketing and running a business in general as many of you may know, you are only as good as the systems and processes you have in place.

This is why the tools we have are so important; they can make or break how effective you work and save you hours daily, otherwise spent flicking through your scattered mess of a desk looking for that important bit of info that is holding the rest of your working day ransom – you are only as good as the systems and processes you have in place.


“You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.”
James Clear.


In saying this, it can be challenging to understand your business’ needs, and then choose the best app to solve those challenges. There are a lot of products out there.
That’s why we’ve put together a guide to our favourite tools (including project management apps!).


1. Asana

First and foremost, Asana is a web and mobile app that helps us track, organise and assign everything we do.
A rule we have in the office is ‘if it’s not a task in Asana it can’t be done.’ This helps us keep everything we need in one place for everyone to see and collaborate on.


2. LastPass
Keeping track of passwords, logins and important info can be a minefield when you have many clients across many platforms.
Lastpass is an app that securely saves all the important stuff and autofills logins and passwords, saving time and keeping all the important data of our own and our clients safe.


3. Toggl

Toggl is a time tracking app that we use across everything we do to keep on track of time spent between important internal tasks as well as clients and projects.
Knowing how much time is allocated between tasks is one thing, but seeing the reality is more so important to see what is sucking time and requires more or less attention.


4. Slack

Here at Craft, Slack is a fundamental part of our team communication and collaboration. This corporate instant messenger allows for a free-flow conversation style (say goodbye to the formalities of email!) and also avoids filling up the team’s inboxes with countless threads of emails.
We have also established team-wide channels to share company news such as team updates, achievements, and learnings.


5. Spotify

Lastly, the office would be a much less exciting and inspired place without Spotify.
Thought provoking podcasts and the usual office playlists to help us zone into our work and also provide a break from the concentration when a classic tune comes on.