When you consider the costs of working with Craft as your agency partner, it can be easy to ask yourself; why would I outsource when I could hire someone?

It’s a great question.

Cost to Value Ratio

For the same cost of working with Craft, you could hire a marketing graduate to work in-house, full time. This team member would be ready to jump on whatever you’d have for them. Great, right?! Well, there’s some limitations to consider.

They’ll have narrow experience themselves, and without adequate leadership or training, they’ll still be fresh in their approach and skills. They’ll be learning on the job from day one.

When you work with Craft, you get access to a whole team of trained marketing professionals, with experience across a large range of platforms. The Craft team possesses a wide variety of honed skills, each pulled into your project at just the right time.


Training and Leadership

You already know that you can’t simply hire people, give them a computer and hope for the best. The best companies cultivate growth and learning in their team, with a curated array of sweet-spot and stretch assignments. 

By working with Craft, we ensure that the team members working on your projects are continually growing, happy in their work environment and thoughtfully led by our management team. We are proud of our team retention rate (100%) and believe it is a direct outcome of the way we work.


Hiring Costs

Anyone that’s hired before knows how challenging it can be to get the right people on the bus (as Jim Collins says). There’s role descriptions to write, resumes to comb through, multiple interviews to conduct, referees to speak to… the list goes on.

We give you instant access to our team of marketing guns. We’ve already put in the effort to get the best people on our team, and they can work for you, immediately.


Partners in Strategy

Fundamentally, our business exists to grow yours. If we do our job well, your business grows. We can’t remain in business without being successful for you. This is why we approach our partnership seriously. We’re not a group of yes-people, but rather, a group of strategists. Our goal is to help you reach yours, and there are many ways to achieve your goals. With our combined experience in multiple industries, growing multiple organisations, we bring everything to the table for your benefit.

Hiring, however, can give someone a closed mindset, only seeing the world through a single lens, single strategy, and single command chain.


Systems and Processes

Every platform, campaign and initiative requires its own set of processes to be effective. You could have your new team member create and refine these over time. Alternatively, we’ve developed countless systems and processes to make sure everything is awesome. Working with us means that you can immediately utilise these processes to ensure fast and effective projects.


If it’s the right time for you to hire a marketing and/or creative professional in-house, that’s awesome! If you think, however, that it’ll be a more effective route by the way of costs and outcomes, we encourage you to reconsider and contact us today to discuss it further.