Full-Suite Marketing For Cycling Apparel Company

CUORE is a leader in the arena of high-end customised performance sportswear products. In 2021, we joined forces to raise the level of their digital presence.

Since then, we’ve been working with them across all fronts of their business, including social media, website development, email marketing — and even their activation at the recent Wollongong Worlds.

ClientCuore AustraliaServicesDigital Marketing, Content Creation, Marketing, DesignYear2022

From the outset, we worked closely with the team to understand the nuances of the industry, their business — and what makes them different.

We then developed a landing page and sales funnel specifically designed to generate new business enquiries…

This resulted in a 3,900% monthly increase in leads, which is a digital marketer’s way of saying they went from around 1 online enquiry per month to at least 1 per day.

The majority of these daily leads come through our Google Ads campaign.

Along the way, we’ve also done a bunch of awesome creative, strategy and sales work for them, such as:

Social Media Management

Email Marketing

And lending a hand with their activation at the recent Wollongong Worlds

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