Branding & Collateral For Launch Of Energy Storage Startup

Mark Swinnerton of Green Gravity came up with a revolutionary way to use decommissioned mineshafts to store renewable energy. We came up with the content and collateral to launch the company.

ClientGreen GravityServicesDigital Marketing, Content Creation, Branding, LaunchYear2022

Green Gravity, a Wollongong-based company founded by former BHP executive Mark Swinnerton, aims to utilise gravitational energy storage technology in decommissioned mineshafts.

In short, the technology raises and lowers heavy weights in a mineshaft to capture and release gravitational energy — a world-first innovation that has the potential to rapidly advance renewable energy storage capabilities.

We developed the creative content used to launch the company – quite a challenging task when there is no built infrastructure yet to showcase!

Content and Collateral included:
– Conceptualising and producing a 10-part video series introducing the company, the people behind it, and explaining the technology
– Animated videos visualising the technology in action
– Design of the Green Gravity logo and style guide
– Additional marketing brand elements and graphics
– Ongoing social media and website management

Green Gravity has the potential to transform the energy industry and strengthen the push for Net Zero. It is a privilege to play a part in the launch of one of the most exciting new companies in Australia.

We’re looking forward to continuing our partnership with Green Gravity as they make an impact on our energy industry and lead the charge towards net zero.

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