Help Me Bring My Children Home

This campaign aimed to draw attention to the injustice faced by father Robert Clarke after his children Benny and Lucia Clarke were abducted in Colombia. Our role was to bring attention to Robert’s appeal through a digital marketing campaign focused on a petition. We encouraged people in Australia, and internationally to add their voice to the appeal for the Colombian president to honour Colombia’s commitment to the Hague Convention.

ClientHelp Me Bring My Children Home, A Current AffairServicesDigital Marketing, PetitionYear2020


The aim of this campaign was to draw attention locally within Australia, and internationally to the Help Me Bring My Children Home campaign. This campaign aims to reunite father Robert Clarke with his children, Benny and Lucia Clarke who have been abducted and remain in Columbia.

A Bit Of Background

In February 2019, Benny & Lucia Clarke were abducted and retained in Colombia by their mother. While Colombian Judge Hernan Rodriguez Reina ruled the Clarke Children were illegally retained, he failed to order their immediate return to Australia, an act that is in breach of The Hague Convention.

In February, Robert has just one opportunity to appeal this decision and is calling on the President of the Republic of Colombia, Iván Duque Márquez, asking him to honour Colombia’s commitment to the Hague Convention and “Help bring these two precious little Australians home!”

How We Helped

Our role in the campaign utilised digital marketing through Facebook & Instagram to draw attention to the campaign, and encourage our targeted audiences to add their voice to the appeal to the Colombian president to intervene through a campaign.

Our campaign reached over 198,000 people in Australia, the United States & the United Kingdom.

This moving story was also brought to TV by A Current Affair. As part of their coverage of the issue, we leveraged the reach of their page to run advertising on their behalf to engaged audiences.

Over 23,000 signatures and counting have been added to the petition, which has brought the public’s attention to this act of injustice and encourages the Colombian president to intervene and uphold the laws of The Hague Convention.

It was great to be a part of this campaign and to help Robert Clarke get justice with assistance from our digital marketing campaign.

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