Lead Generation & Go-To-Market for Exodraft Australia

Our objective for Exodraft was to successfully launch their products to the Australian market on behalf of their exclusive distributor.

We were engaged by Energy Management Services to affirm a product-market fit in Australia and sell products.

ClientEnergy Management ServicesServicesLead Generation, Landing Pages, Digital Marketing, Content CreationYear2021Linkexodraft.com.au

Exodraft is a Danish owned company that has for over 60 years developed, manufactured, and sold chimney fans to control chimney draught.

Having not yet gone direct to market in Australia with the Exodraft product, there were significant risks involved in doing so, when factoring in stock, staffing and the costs of the marketing campaign.

By the 3-month mark, there were 79 leads generated, many of which were nurtured into immediate sales, rendering the campaign a successful launch and validation of product-market fit in Australia.

Phase 2 of the campaign moved into deeper levels of optimisation, scaling and generating new content based on data-driven insights. The leads continue to flow and Australians are enjoying their fireplaces more while also protecting the environment.

• Multi-platform ad strategy

• Market research and analysis

• Nuanced customer messaging and conversion funnels

• Tailored analytics and reporting for full transparency

• Content ideation and production

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