Digital Presence for an Agriculture Business

Word of mouth and a great reputation has seen MP Feeds grow from humble beginnings to the fleet of vehicles and team of great folks that it is today.

Bringing their business online and telling the world (wide web) about what they do was the next step for them to grow.

ClientMP Feeds & Kiwik CartageServicesDigital Marketing, Website Development, Content

Once you spend some time with Brian and the MP Feeds team, you realise they’re a great bunch of people, that also know exactly what it takes to keep a farm running smoothly.

From what feed farms need, to how to get it delivered, these guys are the gurus. As well as needing a website that displayed their knowledge, they wanted it to maintain their personality; when you get on the phone to Brian, it’s always a good time chatting, joking and entertaining. We wanted the experience on the website to be the same as it would if you were talking to the team.

And a website would be a dull affair without imagery, and luckily MP Feeds has one of the most photogenic worksites of all, farms in the South Coast of New South Wales! So one day we joined them on the job to get some photo and video content of the amazing work they do, and the places they get to do it.

Brian and the team at MP Feeds aren’t just one-trick ponies (excuse the farm-related pun), they also run Kiwik Cartage, a trucking delivery and wholesale supply company. So as well as designing and developing, we did the same for to increase their online presence and provide a place for online enquiries to come through.

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