Online TV Series Production for Bunker House, Gerringong

Our objective for Bunker House was to produce an engaging series of 6 episodes that highlighted the beauty and sophistication of the project, built by Sydney design and build company, Futureflip.

ClientFutureflip / Bunker HouseServicesProduction, Videography, Content

Neil Hipwell from Futureflip came to us with a request to produce a 6-part online tv series for Bunker House. The home was a feature-piece, showcasing the quality of their workmanship to every last detail.

They had a huge amount of video footage from the build process and wanted to create a series that made sense and was enjoyable to watch.

We took on the challenge and created a masterpiece.

From reviewing all available footage, we storyboarded a series that required us to shoot interview content with Neil and Krystal, and the ‘final reveal’ imagery of the home.

Over the course of 2 days, we captured all the footage plus about 40 pieces of sponsor content. Our team edited the project and delivered something incredible for the viewing pleasure of many thousands of people.

The Making of The Bunker House Series

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