Website Build For Luxury Home-Office Furniture Startup

Our objective for Khan & Co was to establish the new home office furniture brand and allow the business to generate online sales through an e-commerce website. The site needed to encapsulate the stylish brand, and allow the team to both generate sales, and manage order processing.

ClientKhan & CoServicesWebsite

Kasim and Carla came to us with a need to build a direct to customer e-commerce site for their luxurious home-office furniture brand.

After understanding the client’s needs and conducting market research, Shopify was selected as the most appropriate e-commerce platform for the new website.

From there, wireframes were built for the client’s review. This was fundamental in ensuring that the design and layout would showcase all important brand and product information, including product photographs, customer reviews and product dimensions.

The design stage brought the site to life, as products and copy was added on.

One of the deliverables encompassed in this project was copywriting website content. We created a branded tone of voice, and crafted all copy for core pages such as the “about” page, as well as product descriptions.

When building the site, we ensured that the client would be able to quickly and efficiently pass relevant orders on to each of their suppliers, and that orders were handled effectively in the backend.

As a result, the powerful website established Khan & Co online as a strong competitor in the premium home office furniture space and enabled customers to have a fantastic online experience.

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