Social Media Marketing & Digital Ads

Our campaigns on social media platforms have produced awesome results for companies and organisations across multiple industries.

Advertising on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn (to name a few) is a great way for businesses to increase brand awareness and sales.

Social advertising will help you target the right people, see exactly where your budget is going, accurately determine the return on investment you are receiving, and can help you achieve your goals.

Our social media marketing (SMM) services also include utilising pixels to capture website traffic, re-marketing/re-targeting, scaling campaigns and using engaging content to ensure your offering is noticed.

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Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords)

Through Google Ads (PPC), we can connect your products and/or services with those who are actively seeking them out online.

We’ve helped our clients increase revenue, generate awareness and build a stronger online presence through pay per click advertising.

We also use Google ads to your advantage when combined with an SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy to ensure your business is being seen, whilst your website is climbing the ranks organically, as well.

Content Production & Content Creation

Every marketing campaign needs strong creative. Catching attention is hard, and once attention is caught, communicating the right message is essential.

Graphic design, animation, video, photography, branding and identity – we’ve got you covered.

We work together closely with you to ensure that we make your brand stands out with something that is unique, effective and captivating.

A selection of our previous work can be seen on our Youtube channel.

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Social Media Management

We work together with our clients to make sure that their social media presence is consistent, engaging and focusses on the key messages of the business.

When people find your social media channels, do they get the feeling that you’re good at what you do? Do they know you are currently operating? Do they feel like they can trust you?

Social media plays a big part in validating your business.

With the right content, tone of voice and platform-specific-strategy, you can ensure your customers will believe that you’re good at what you do, when they see you on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

So you’ve got a great website. Now everyone will come flooding to it right? … Wrong!

Your website will be ranked against your competitors every time someone searches for you. There’s good news though – you can outrank them!

We know Google, and we implement relevant optimisations and content both on and off-page to ensure your website is visible and ranks well.

Did you know that over 90% of Google traffic never makes it to the 2nd page?

Having your website rank on the first page, or even one of the first results on the first page not only is a great source of organic traffic, but also reinforces trust and credibility with your brand from the very first interaction a customer has with it.

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